Childhood lead poisoning can occur whenever young children live and play in an environment contaminated by flaking and peeling lead-based paint. Unfortunately, lead poisoning remains a serious public health problem in old urban centers, where most homes were built before 1978, when lead paint was widely used on interior and exterior surfaces. Although lead paint is no longer used in residential housing, it still presents a serious hazard, especially when newer layers of paint peel or flake, exposing old painted surfaces. Too often, absentee landlords ignore dangerous paint conditions even when they know that deteriorated paint surfaces endanger their tenants’ children.

Since 1995, our attorneys have represented children with lead poisoning. We have sued many negligent landlords and successfully collected millions of dollars for children seriously injured by lead poisoning. Our lawyers have devoted countless hours preparing cases for trial and negotiating settlements that are making a real difference in the lives of our clients.

In addition to the many cases that our attorneys have pending through New York’s courts, we also have many cases under active investigation. In an effort to secure recoveries for children with lead poisoning, we collect medical and school records; we perform lead paint investigation surveys; and we contact landlords’ insurance companies. This allows us to obtain important information in order to build strong cases against careless landlords. Children exposed to lead paint can be severely affected by lead poisoning, which may impair their abilities to learn and to succeed in school. Families can and should take steps to hold irresponsible landlords accountable.

If your child is found to have a lead reading in his or her bloodstream of 15 or higher, please contact us to discuss your potential legal rights. Children are severely disabled as a result of lead poisoning; families can and should take steps to hold irresponsible landlords accountable.